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28 October 2012

New Project: SLR 680

I've recently put together a separate website to showcase photographs taken with my Polaroid SX-70 and SLR 680 cameras. Check it out at: I'll still be posting Polaroid shots here, as well.

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21 July 2012

welcome to

After seven years, we've decided to move out of the digital equivalent of our parents' basement and get our own URL. So update your bookmarks to and continue enjoying the photographs.

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1 July 2012

Ryders Cup Virtual Gallery

For those who were unable to visit Ryders Cup and check out my show, I've posted a Ryders Cup Virtual Gallery for your enjoyment.

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22 May 2012

Aspherical on Instagram

Follow me on Instagram, if you're so inclined. My username is aspherical.

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9 February 2011

Kodachrome Tribute Gallery

The last Kodachrome processing machine has been sold for scrap, so I put together this gallery of my favorite shots. Browse the Kodachrome Tribute Gallery.

In 2005, a former coworker of mine mentioned photographing trains on Kodachrome. I had assumed the legendary film had been gone for years, but with that news I ordered a few rolls out of curiosity. I liked the results, so I shot more of it in my old Fujica AX-5 camera bodies.

Inspired by The Kodachrome Project, I took a road trip or two with Kodachrome. When Kodak announced it would no longer make the film in 2009, I decided to travel as much as I could before Dwayne's, the last remaining Kodachrome processing lab, stopped accepting the film. Twenty-nine of my best shots from around the United States are compiled in the gallery.

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9 December 2010

Erinn Interview

Enjoy this interview with Erinn (Urban Nation), a fascinating Ottawa based photoblogger and Aspherical commenter for several years.

One reason I enjoy Erinn's photography is because we often shoot similar subjects. However, we both shoot in very different ways, so I enjoy seeing his takes on urban and rural decay, as well as classic cars.

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1 December 2010

aspherical photo book

I've been thinking about producing a photo book. Before I do, I need some input from recurring Aspherical viewers. Would you have any interest in such a thing? How many photographs would you expect? How much would you pay? Thanks for your input.

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1 November 2010

follow salvador diablo on twitter

Follow me on Twitter for running commentary about what I'm doing related to photography, as well as general updates. Salvador Diablo on Twitter.

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24 October 2010

aspherical is now on facebook

Aspherical outtakes are now being posted on the Aspherical Facebook Page. Like the page for fresh outtakes served about once a week.

The photographs posted to Facebook are pictures I took while shooting for Aspherical. Some are alternate views of subjects appearing on Aspherical. Other outtakes are photographs that were not composed perfectly and may have been rotated or substantially cropped.

To enjoy the outtakes at any time, just click the Facebook logo in the upper right corner of Aspherical. There is no need for a Facebook account to view the outtakes.

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30 July 2010

elaine interview

Check out this interview with Elaine, a recurring Aspherical commenter and awesome photographer.

I like Elaine's photography in part because it's very different from mine. Where I'm lazy and usually do the bare minimum in Photoshop, Elaine really spends some time on her images to create some amazing processing effects.

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